A Little Green Book of Grue (signed)


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A Little Green Book of Grue by Edward Lucas White

Hardcover – Borderlands Press – May 2023 – 140 pages

(Note: picture is as posted on the publisher’s website.)

A Baltimore school teacher for fifteen years, White was better known during his life as a writer of historical novels, three of which, published between 1910 and 1921, approached best-seller status and remained in print for decades. Before he became a novelist, however, he wrote close to a dozen tales of fantasy and horror. His legacy today rests almost entirely on the African curse tale “Lukundoo,” which he wrote in 1907 (eight years after Conrad’s Heart of Darkness), although it was not published until it was accepted by Weird Tales in 1925. During the last century it has been included in at least thirty anthologies, including Alfred Hitchcock’s provocatively titled 1957 collection Stories They Wouldn’t Let Me Do on TV.

Edited and signed with an Introduction by Kelly Laymon


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