A Sword Named Sorrow


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A Sword Named Sorrow by Kara Dalkey

Trade Paperback – Eerie River Publishing – Nov 2021 – 330 pages

How far would you go to find out the truth?

Erculeo Salamago, the finest sorcerous swordsmith in all of Alta Califia, has vanished. His young apprentice Filipo, and Coraza, who may be Salamago’s daughter, find their fates bound together in a land drenched in dark magic.

Guided by the blacksmith’s last and most mystifying creation, a sword named Sorrow, they travel the countryside in search of the truth, in search of Erculeo.

But the road to truth is not an easy one. While evading the holy servants of the Mariana church, and battling demons called tzinn, they are pulled into a war of forbidden magics, one in which Coraza and Filipo must risk their lives to discover their destiny, save their county and each other



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