Admiralty (The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson)


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The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson Volume 4: Admiralty by Poul Anderson

Hardcover – NESFA Press – Feb 2011 – 508 pages

Admiralty: The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson (volume 4) continues the series of presenting the best of his fantasy and science fiction stories published over a writing career of 50 years. It includes “Admiralty”, a story in the foreseeable future when man has colonies on other planets and is in conflict with an alien empire, “Goat Song”, the Hugo and Nebula award winning story about a man’s determination to bring his lost love back to life, “Operation Changeling”, a world where magic and demons co-exist, “Delenda Est”, a story of the time patrol and the choices that must be made to keep our existence intact, “The Adventure of the Misplaced Hound”, co-written with Gordon R. Dickson, where the aliens are living on their own planet, a portion of which is created as Victorian England with Scotland Yard and Sherlock Holmes, “Marius”, which shows that the only thing we lean from history is history, and the delightful “Inside Straight”, in which an understanding of poker defeats an invasion.


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