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Aesthetic Deviations: A Critical View of American Shot-On-Video Horror, 1984-1994 by Vincent A. Albarano

Paperback – Headpress – Aug 2023 – 196 pages

Long considered the dead-end of genre cinema, Shot-On-Video (SOV) horror finally gets its due as a serious filmmaking practice.

In the first in-depth analysis of this maligned genre, Vincent Albarano demonstrates that amateur American SOV horror films are wholly compatible with serious criticism. Titles such as Video Violence, Twisted Issues, and Alien Beasts are pivotal in independent film history and credit is given for their unique and singular contributions to genre cinema. Using fanzines, promotional materials, the theories of several important film scholars, coupled with a fan’s passion, Aesthetic Deviations is an invaluable resource that is sure to enlighten and provoke thought among fans and converts to the unique charms of SOV cinema


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