Alkəmē: The Art of Brad Kunkle


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Alkəmē: The Art of Brad Kunkle

Hardcover – Flesk Pubns – Nov 2022 – 316 pages

After selling out his debut solo exhibition in New York City on opening night in 2010, Brad Kunkle has become internationally known for his unique use of gold and silver leaf in contemporary oil painting. His themes explore the shedding of dogmas inherited from previous generations, intuition, and the power of feminine energies as guides for seeking enlightenment in symbiosis with the natural world.

Using the power of the Goddess archetype, Kunkle’s paintings inspire people to listen to their own inner truth. His imagery drowns out society’s expectations and serves to enrich its viewer’s state ofhappiness. Each work ties into the surreal moments in life when serendipitous events happen as a result of listening to ourselves. Kunkle paints the shifting illumination of gilded surfaces that serves as a visual display of its otherworldly elusiveness.

Alkəmē: The Art of Brad Kunkle features over 100 paintings and a dozen studies handpicked by the artist in an oversized format. Numerous paintings include details or alternative lighting carefully photographed under the supervision of the artist. This oeuvre is over a decade in the making. The design along with every nuance of this book’s creation has been treated as its own art object, a collection that serves as a direct extension of the artist.


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