All of Me Is Illustrated


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All of Me Is Illustrated: Stories by Ray Bradbury, Tattoos by Today’s Artists

Hardcover – Rosetta Books – Feb 2020 – 272 pages

All of Me Is Illustrated is the first book to feature Ray Bradbury’s treasured stories “The Illustrated Man” and “The Illustrated Woman” together alongside the most stunning tattooed bodies of today.

Bradbury’s prose reminds us so wonderfully–and at times violently and humorously–how foolish it is to assume the origins and meanings behind a person’s tattoos. Just as with Bradbury’s characters, the motivations of the featured collectors and artists to ink (or be inked) vary. What is undeniable is that their illustrated bodies are a source of pride, wonder, titillation, and beauty, whether depicting the grotesque or the mundane. With an introduction by tattoo collector and scholar Anna Felicity Friedman, the result is a book that showcases masters of their craft.

Tattoos by today’s leading artists, including Paul Booth, Steve Butcher, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Jessa Bigelow, Yomico Moreno, Andy Pho, TeeJ Poole, Duke Riley, DJ Tambe, Tatu Baby, Carlos Torres, Dmitry Troshin, Jess Yen, Popo Zhang


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