Alone in Space


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Alone in Space by Tillie Walden

Hardcover – Avery Hill – Jul 2021 – 312 pages

In her first collection of short comics stories, Hugo-nominated cartoonist Tillie Walden opens windows into strange new worlds with all the stylish visual panache and stunning emotional resonance of her widely lauded graphic novels.

In The End of Summer, Lars is battling illness and boredom in a secluded castle at the start of an endless winter with a giant cat to keep him company and fraying family bonds to test his strength. In I Love This Part, two small-town girls kill time and try to muddle through school when an unexpected romance blooms. And the surreal A City Inside recounts one woman’s life from childhood on, in a poetic tale about coming-of-age when you think you’re past all that.

Also includes never-before collected early sketches, webcomics, and short comics such as What It’s Like To Be Gay In An All-Girls Middle School, which shot Tillie to fame on both sides of the Atlantic.


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