Artificial Intelligence Revolution


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Artificial Intelligence Revolution by Robin Li

Hardcover – Skyhorse – Sep 2020 – 249 pages

Written by Baidu cofounder Robin Li and prefaced by award-winning sci-fi writer Cixin Liu, Artificial Intelligence Revolution introduces Baidu’s teams of top scientists and management as pioneers of movement toward AI. The book covers many of the latest AI-related ideas and technological developments, such as:

  • Computational ability
  • Big data resources
  • Setting the basic standards of AI in research and development
  • An introduction to the “super brain”
  • Intelligent manufacturing
  • Deep learning
  • L4 automated vehicles
  • Smart finance

The book describes the emergence of a “smart” society powered by technology and reflects on the challenges humanity is about to face. Li covers the most pressing AI-related ideas and technological developments, including: Will artificial intelligence replace human workers, and in what sectors of the economy? How will it affect healthcare and finance? How will daily human life change? Robin Li’s Artificial Intelligence Revolution addresses these questions and more from the perspective of a pioneer of AI development.


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