Barbarians on Bikes


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Barbarians on Bikes: A High-Octane Visual Archive from Vintage Men’s Pulp Adventure Magazines edited by Robert Deis & Wyatt Doyle

Trade Paperback – New Texture – 2016 – 112 pages

It’s all artwork and photographs; a full-color, large-format (8.5” x 11”) visual archive of men’s adventure magazine covers, interior artwork and photos.

Most of the images in the book feature members of the Hells Angels-style motorcycle clubs (a.k.a. gangs) that became increasingly popular as the bad guys in men’s pulp mag stories in the 1960s and 1970s.

Other examples feature good guys on bikes, sometimes fighting the best-known men’s adventure villains – Nazis.

BARBARIANS ON BIKES showcases some of the coolest biker covers, interior illustrations and photos scanned from men’s adventure magazines.  Most of the covers, interior spreads and photos in BARBARIANS ON BIKES have never been reprinted in any books since their original publication.

Many of the illustrations were done by some of the greatest mid-20th Century illustration artists whose work appeared in men’s adventure magazines, such Mort Kunstler, Charles Copeland, Norm Eastman, Bruce Minney, Basil Gogos, Samson Pollen, Gil Cohen, Al Rossi, John Duillo and Earl Norem.


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