Beyond the Farthest Star



Beyond the Farthest Star: Restored Edition by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Hardcover – Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc – 2021 – 178 pages

When Nazi warplanes blast an American fighter pilot out of the sky, he awakens not in the expected afterlife but on a far-flung planet–one of eleven interconnected worlds hurtling around a strangely constructed star system. On Poloda, he earns a new name–Tangor, one who came from nothing–and a new home among the brave people of Unis, a nation locked in perpetual war against the brutish, totalitarian Kapars. But when news comes of a powerful invention that could turn the tides of the conflict, Tangor must undertake a daring undercover mission behind enemy lines. There, in vile Kapara, he will not only wisk life and limb, but also brand himself as a traitor in the eyes of his newfound friends, as he continues his fight for freedom beyond the farthest star.


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