The Case of the Little Green Men


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The Case of the Little Green Men by Mack Reynolds

Trade Paperback – Surinam Turtle Press – 2009 – 167 pages

When a motley crew of oddball science fiction enthusiasts barged into Jeb Knight’s office he didn’t know whether to throw them out to call for an ambulance to take them to the funny farm. They were convinced that Earth was being infiltrated by sinister beings from another world, and the aliens were determined to take over our planet for their own nefarious purposes.

These odd characters – the science fiction fans, not the aliens – wanted to hire Jeb to track down and expose the slimy monsters. Jeb though they were nuts, but he was a private eye, business was slow, and he figured he could take the car, make a few bucks, and tell the weirdos there was nothing to their suspicions.

Little did he know….

The Case of the Little Green Men was the first novel of Mack Reynolds’s long and distinguished career. Since its publication in 1951 it has become a rare and much sought-after collectible. Surinam Turtle Press is proud to bring this novel to a new generation of readers. This edition features an introduction by the author’s son, Emil Reynolds, and an afterword by Earl Kemp.


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