Bare Bones #12


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bare bones#12

Digest – Cimarron Street Books – Nov 2022 – 110 pages

Inside the twelfth issue of bare bones, you will find:

* Tim Lucas traces the road to The Lady From Shanghai
* Exploring Burroughs’ Caspak trilogy on page and screen by Matthew
R. Bradley
* William Schoell thrills us with Tales of Tomorrow
* Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine goes under Peter Enfantino’s
* Duane Swierczynski’s Field Guide to L.A. Pulp — a brand-new
* Four early novels of John D. MacDonald examined by J. Charles Burwell
* Larry Blamire on the most violent western of TV’s Golden Age
* Telling Vampire Tales — Marvel style — by Peter Enfantino
* Randall Larson looks at Godzilla music in the new millennium
* Sauntering down Sleaze Alley with Peter Enfantino
* David J. Schow offers up some advice in his latest R&D column


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