Bloody Mary Morning


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Bloody Mary Morning and Other Stories by John Farris

Trade Paperback – Cimarron Street Books – Nov 2022 – 435 pages

Cimarron Street Books is pleased to bring you the first new book from John Farris in 14 years!

An acknowledged grandmaster of horror, John Farris is the New York Times bestselling author of over forty novels who rarely turned his gimlet gaze to the sharp shocks of short horror fiction . . . until now.

Bloody Mary Morning collects all of his short story output into a single landmark volume of American Southern Gothic terrors — forty years of frightmaking, alternately flaming hot and bone chillingly cold. Step into the parlor and meet the man who gave the world The Fury (basis for the 1978 Brian De Palma film) and All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By.

Meet the man Stephen King called “America’s premier novelist of terror. When he turns it on, nobody does it better.”

Includes “horrorshow,” from which sprang the movie No Sin Unpunished in 2019, and the short story that was the basis for “We All Scream for Ice Cream,” most memorably directed for the Masters of Horror series by Fright Night and Child’s Play veteran Tom Holland.


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