The Fantastic Fiction of Hannes Bok


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The Fantastic Fiction of Hannes Bok edited by Robert Garcia

Hardcover – American Fantasy – Mar 2020 – 448 pages

THE FANTASTIC FICTION OF HANNES BOK contains his three published solo novels: Starstone World, The Sorcerer’s Ship, and Beyond The Golden Stair (the unedited version of the novel Blue Flamingo)

It’s the first time any of these stories will be available in hardcover.

Both The Sorcerer’s Ship (1969), and Beyond The Golden Stair (1970) were titles in the acclaimed Ballantine Adult Fantasy (BAF) paperback line, edited by Lin Carter. Starstone World, Bok’s first novel-length tale, a much shorter and darker piece, has never appeared in book form, only previously available in Science Fiction Quarterly #7, Summer 1942, published over 75 years ago.

This omnibus also contains:

Lin Carter’s introductions to the Ballantine Adult Fantasy editions of The Sorcerer’s Ship, and Beyond The Golden Stair, plus an all-new history of The Sorcerer’s Ship by collector and college professor William Lorenzo.  Publisher Robert Garcia will provide an introduction to Starstone World. Each will be accompanied by a number of previously ­published and unpublished photos of Hannes Bok.
An all-new introduction for this collection by best-selling fantasy author Charles de Lint.

Of the three books, Bok only ever illustrated The Sorcerer’s Ship for its appearance in Unknown Worlds magazine. Those ­illustrations appear in this volume, plus two related paintings (a color reprise of an interior illustration and a color ­portrait of the creature Yanuk done for a fan).
For the books Bok did not illustrate,they have two original frontispieces by legendary fantasy artist Jim Pitts.
The cover art is a never-before-published color piece by Hannes Bok from the collection of John Cosgriff.
A memorial by a close friend of Bok’s Martin Jukovsky that originally appeared in Castle of Frankenstein (Volume 2 Number 2) magazine in 1965.


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