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Connect by Julian Gough

Trade paperback – Anchor Books – Jul 2019 – 475 pages

In the Nevada desert, in the near future, a brilliant biologist and single mother named Naomi Chiang sets off a chain reaction that threatens to bring the networked world to its knees. When her seventeen-year-old son, Colt, who spends most of his time in the comfort of virtual reality, secretly releases her latest findings—a process for regrowing human tissue—Colt’s estranged father crashes into their lives again, backed by the secretive security organization he heads. The U.S. government wants Naomi’s research . . . and her son, who must leave the virtual sphere to discover the pleasures—and pains—of a life fully lived. Page-turning and thought-provoking, Connect is a whip-smart novel that explores what connection—both human and otherwise—might be in a digital age. It is a story of mothers and sons; but it is also about you, your phone, and the world to come.


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