Damnable Tales



Damnable Tales: A Folk Horror Anthology selected and illustrated by Richard Wells with a foreward by Benjamin Myers

Paperback – Unbound – Sept 2022 – 479 pages

Damnable Tales is a richly illustrated anthology that gathers together classic short stories from masters of supernatural fiction, including M. R. James, Robert Aickman and Shirley Jackson, alongside lesser-known voices in the field, like Eleanor Scott and Margery Lawrence, and popular writers less bound to the horror genre, such as Thomas Hardy and E. F. Benson.

These twenty-three stories take the reader beyond the safety and familiarity of the town into the isolated and untames wilderness. Unholy rites, witches’ curses, sinister village traditions and ancient horrors that lurk within the landscape combine to remind us that the shiny, modern, urban world might not have all the answers…


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