Dark Avenger: The Strange Saga of the Shadow (SIGNED)


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Dark Avenger: The Strange Saga of the Shadow (SIGNED) by Will Murray

Trade Paperback – Odyssey Publications – 2022 – 293 pages

Who is The Shadow? The famous character began as the weird whisperings of a guilty conscience accompanied by a sinister, sneering laugh and punctuated by the mocking phrase, “The Shadow knows!” But no one knew who he really was.

Depression-era America clamored to know the truth about the faceless fellow who haunted the radio airwaves and called himself The Shadow. The Street & Smith Publishing Company hired Walter B. Gibson, journalist and confidant of such famous magicians as Harry Houdini, Howard Thurston, Harry Blackstone and Joseph Dunninger to develop the character in their new publication, The Shadow Magazine.

 But even Gibson had no clue as to The Shadow’s true name and motives. Over the course of more than 300 novels, he explored this nebulous nonentity and reimagined him as one of the towering mystery creations of the 20th Century.

Dark Avenger: The Strange Saga of The Shadow documents the enigmatic character’s transition from mysterioso broadcaster to a crime-fighting detective who rivaled Sherlock Holmes and inspired Batman, as well as numerous others in all media. Packed with numerous quotes from the creators responsible for bringing The Shadow to life, this book explores and illuminates his legendary history. 

 In this volume, all of The Shadow’s secrets are finally laid bare. Or are they?

Many believe him to be millionaire world traveler, Lamont Cranston. But the master avenger also claimed other identities, and there were whispers that he may have been someone else entirely. 

For only The Shadow truly knows….


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