Digest Enthusiast #11


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Digest Enthusiast Jan 2020

Digest – Larque Press – Jan 2020 – 159 pages

Now in full color!

Janice Law
(Madame Selina series AHMM)
Paul D. Marks (Bunker Hill series EQMM)
Jeff Vorzimmer (The Best of Manhunt)

Manhunt 1954 part three by Peter Enfantino
Beyond Understanding (Beyond Infinity) by Vince Nowell, Sr.
Leo Margulies: Giant of the Digests by Richard Krauss
A Classic Error by Steve Carper
Astounding Formats by Ward Smith

Homicide Hotel reviewed by Gary Lovisi
Tough 2
Paperback Parade No. 104

“Buckthorn Justice” by John Kuharik, art by Rick McCollum
“The Good Soldier” by Vince Nowell, Sr., art by Marc Myers
“Zymurgy for Aliens” by Joe Wehrle, Jr., art by Michael Neno

And more!


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