Doc Savage: The Forgotten Realm


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Doc Savage: The Forgotten Realm by Lester Dent and Will Murray (writing as Kenneth Robeson)

Trade Paperback – Altus Press – Feb 2018 – 317 pages

Back in print after 20 years! The rare Lester Dent-Will Murray collaborations resurrecting the original pulp superman… The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage!

No one knew who—or what—the strange being who called himself “X Man” truly was. He was found wandering the ruins of a crumbling Roman fort, dressed in a toga, speaking classical Latin—and clutching a handful of unearthly black seeds.

Declared insane, the X Man patiently tended his weird plants until the day, impelled by a nameless terror, he fled Wyndmoor Asylum to unleash a cyclone of violence that was destined to suck the mighty Man of Bronze into the blackest, most unbelievable mystery of his entire career. For far from Scotland lay a domain of death unknown to the world and called by the ancient Latin name of Novum Eboracum—New York!

From the wild Scottish moors to the unexplored heart of darkest Africa, Doc Savage and his indomitable men embarked upon a desperate quest for the Forgotten Realm….


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