Dreams from the Dark Side


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Dreams from the Dark Side by Allen Koszowski

Hardcover – Centipede Press – Mar 2023 – 568 pages

In a field dominated by elite artists, Allen Koszowski stands out among the crowd. So it’s no surprise his work has floated around publication circles for decades — beginning with his first professional sale to Asimov’s Science Fiction in 1982.
But perhaps you can’t place the name. Well, if you’ve ever flipped through a Cemetery Dance, Fantasy Tales, Weird Tales, Chills or other genre publication, then you’ve likely witnessed his understated yet distinctive brand of textured, black and white iconography. It can be eerie, menacing, and even cultish. But it’s always irresistible, and something you won’t soon forget…at least not anymore.
Whether it’s crestfallen creatures from the great beyond, disturbed underlings from beyond the grave, or embattled forces under grave danger, Allen Koszowski’s artistic range knows no bounds. He injects so much life into these monochromatic narratives even as his creations reign death, which is what captures our imagination and creeps us the hell out. Just a few looks and that savage imp will be burned to your memory, to haunt your dreams and certainly your nightmares. And isn’t that what you want from an artist?
In Dreams from the Dark Side, you’ll reap the rewards of Koszowski’s relentless and insatiable appetite for all things dark and diabolic. Highlighting hundreds of pieces from throughout Koszowski’s career, this Centipede Press exclusive is a melting pot of ghouls, goblins, grim reapers, freaks, arachnids, dragons, sea monsters, space invaders, and any other harbinger of death and destruction Koszowski’s mind can imagine — all of which showcase his versatility and love for the art form that has remained his constant companion and stalwart all these years. You don’t get to be one of the most prolific genre artists of a generation without sketching like your life depended on it. And if there’s any evidence of that to be found, you’ll find it here.
Featuring an introduction from the incomparable Ramsey Campbell and an interview with Koszowski conducted by Trevor Kennedy, this is a goldmine of grotesque proportions that you won’t want to miss!


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