Even Greater Mistakes


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Even Greater Mistakes by Charlie Jane Anders

Paperback – Tor – Nov 2022 – 332 pages

A collection of short stories by one of the strongest voices in modern science fiction, featuring tales about:

  • The woman who can see all possible futures is dating the man who can see the one and only foreordained future.
  • A wildly popular slapstick filmmaker is drawn, against his better judgement, into working with a fascist militia against a background of social collapse.
  • Two friends must embark on an Epic Quest To Capture The Weapon That Threatens The Galaxy, or else they’ll never achieve their dream of opening a restaurant.
  • A trans woman is captured by an agency that brutally forces detransition by means of brain transplants–only to discover that the person overseeing her case is her childhood friend.
  • And in the liminal space between the warring fragments of what was once the United States, a mysterious bookstore is the place where all the incompatible realities can touch


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