The Finest Ass in the Universe


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The Finest Ass in the Universe by Anna Tambour

Trade Paperback – Ticonderoga – Jul 2015 – 372 pages

The Finest Ass in the Universe is the second story collection by Anna Tambour and collects 26 incredible fantastic visions. Five stories are original to this collection. Elation, compulsion, exploration, love and exquisitely timed bullying, a lascivious oyster, a man called Eggplant, the dangers of smelling like honey pudding, the enticement of innocent toadlets, the unending day of deadness. The daughter of a part-time magician and a Las Vegas showgirl turns to science. Destiny points a young man to brassiere design. Suddenly orphaned siblings try to protect their most vulnerable. Fortunes craze in neighbourhoods living cheek-by-jowl. Unintendeds abound, as life cavorts in all its unclassifiable contrariness.


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