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Franz Wacik by Daniel Zimmer

Hardcover – The Illustrated Press – 2023 – 224 pages

Vienna, Austria, was the birthplace of the remarkable caricature magazin, Die Muskete [The Rifle]. Unlike its contemporaries, Jugend and Simplicaissimus, Die Muskete began as a humorous “men’s magazine” catering to military officers and veterans. The publication satirized bureaucratic excess, military inefficiency, social customs, gender conflicts, and religion, as well as political corruption, all while maintaining unwavering loyalty to the Austrian Emperor.

The magazine’s team comprised local artists such as Fritz Schönpflug (1873-1951), Karl Wilke (1879-1954), and Franz Wacik (1883-1938), each contributing a unique artistic vision. Schönpflug specialized in military caricature, gently teasing the magazine’s primary subscribers, while Wilke’s talent lay in illustrating beautiful women with a nouveau flair. Wacik’s expertise encompassed a diverse array of fantastical subjects, including bizarre creatures and fairy tale settings. Collaborating with these artists were political cartoonist Josef Danilowatz, fashion illustrator Heinrich Krenes, and the gifted caricaturist Carl Josef. This well-rounded ensemble provided a diverse range of images and styles that propelled Die Muskete to the highest level of excellence during its prime years.

This volume focuses on the work of Franz Wacik, and extraordinary talent who also designed for the theater, painted frescoes and murals, and illustrated children’s books. While his startling original work is largely unknown today, it is [Daniel Zimmer’s] hope that this volume (primarily composed of Wacik’s work for Die Muskete) will be a revelation


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