Frink & Freud: The American Patient


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Frink & Freud: The American Patient by Pierre Peju and Lionel Richerand

Trade Paperback – Selfmadehero – Jul 2021 – 216 pages

In 1909, while on a fundraising lecture tour in America, Sigmund Freud met Horace Frink, an early disciple of his theories of psychoanalysis, whose traumatic childhood and complicated personal life later cast a shadow over Freud’s professional career – and came close to destroying his reputation. This little-known and ultimately tragic true story of two divorces, three deaths, and a ménage à quatre, as well as the questionable motives behind Freud’s involvement in it, is the subject of a groundbreaking collaboration between artist and animator Lionel Richerand and the prizewinning philosopher, biographer, and novelist Pierre Péju.


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