Heroes of Atlantis & Lemuria


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Heroes of Atlantis & Lemuria by Manly Wade Wellman, Leigh Brackett and Frederick Arnold Kummer, Jr.

Trade Paperback – DMR Books – Sep 2019 – 232 pages

“I looked in their evil eyes and they crouched like cravens,
I showed them my sword, and they trembled and louted low.
I gave their bones for food to the rats and ravens,
And I pray the gods for another and fiercer foe.”

Of all the heroes of the legendary land of Atlantis, none were greater than Kardios, warrior and bard! In his travels he encounters creatures from the stars, self-proclaimed gods, nefarious wizards, and untrustworthy lascivious queens. For years fans of sword-and-sorcery fiction have demanded a collection containing Manly Wade Wellman’s tales of Kardios. Their demands had not been met—until now! In addition, this book contains all of Frederick Arnold Kummer, Jr.’s Lemurian adventure stories (also never collected before) and a hard-to-find Leigh Brackett story set in Mu. Join the heroes of Atlantis and Lemuria on their fantastic adventures!

“Here was danger, here was strife,
Here was conquest, too;
Yonder lies the road of life,
More to see and do.”


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