House of the Flight-Helpers


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House of the Flight-Helpers by Philomena van Rijswijk

Hardcover – Tartarus Press – Mar 2019 – 310 pages

House of the Flight-Helpers by Tasmanian author Philomena van Rijswijk is a strange and satirical narrative, a mythological mosaic of horrors, feather phobias, dead saints, clay flutes, terrible birds, Border Monkeys, forbidden zones and unsettling forebodings. It casts the reader into the future, a future left trammelled by the glacial passage of xenophobia and exclusion. It is a parable of sorts, and considers the biggest questions and insecurities of our age, one of the most poignant of which is: when we exclude the outsider, are we, in fact, imprisoning and impoverishing ourselves?

Limited to 300 copies.


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