Ingrid Pitt: Darkness Before Dawn


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Ingrid Pitt: Darkness Before Dawn by Ingrid Pitt

Trade Paperback – Midnight Marquee – 2004 – 231 pages

An argument could be made on which of the two is stranger and more exciting, mysterious, terrifying and eclectic – the reel adventures of movie star Ingrid Pitt or the real life adventures of daughter, wife, mother and new grandmother Ingrid Pitt. Ingrid Pitt: Darkness Before Dawn will help you find an answer to that argument as you follow the life story of the amazing Ingrid from the terror-filled years in a concentration camp, hardships after the war, breaking into acting, becoming a wife and mother, world-wide adventures, making movies, writing and theatre. This memoir of a life filled with terror and tears and ultimately joy and laughter will paint a picture of Ingrid Pitt you will not soon forget.


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