Into The Sunken City


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Into The Sunken City – by Dinesh Thiru

Hardcover – Harperteen – Jan 2024 – 347 pages

In the slowly sinking city of Coconino, Arizona, the days are long, the money is tight, and the rain never stops.

For Jin Haldar, this life is nothing new–ever since her father died in a diving accident, she’s barely made ends meet for her and her younger sister, Thara.  Enter Bhili: a drifter who offers Jin and Thara the score of a lifetime–a massive stash of gold hidden in the sunken ruins of Las Vegas.  Jin knows it’s too dangerous. She stopped diving after her father’s accident. But when her sister decides to go, Jin’s left with only one choice: to go with her.  A ragtag crew is assembled–including Jin’s annoyingly hot ex-boyfriend. From there, a high-stakes heist ensues that’s beyond even Jin’s wildest fears. Crumbling ruins, sea beasts, corsairs, and a mysterious figure named João Silva all lie in wait. To survive, Jin will have to do what she promised herself she’d never do again: dive.




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