Julius LeVallon / The Bright Messenger


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Julius LeVallon / The Bright Messenger: Two Complete Novels by Algernon Blackwood

Paperback – Stark House Press – Apr 2016 – 442 pages

Julius LeVallon

When John Mason first meets Julius LeVallon at school, he feels an immediate connection. They had known each other before–not in this lifetime, but many lifetimes before. LeVallon introduces his young friend to a much larger world, the world of feeling-with, of communing with the Forces of Nature, even directing them. As Mason is pulled into LeVallon’s peculiar world, he discovers that not only had they known each other before, but they had to correct a mistake they had made with another in the days of pre-history, when they had loosed an elemental on the world. The forbidden experiment needs to be recreated to set things right. After college, Mason loses track of LeVallon. But destiny must be fulfilled, and many years later Mason is contacted by his old friend with portentous news–he has found the other! It is time to set things right.

The Bright Messenger

Edward Fillery and Paul Devonham have a new patient at their Spiritual Clinique, a young man raised in the Juru mountains by an eccentric mentor. He seems to be suffering from a split personality. One part of him manifests as a simple country lad by the name of Julian LeVallon, but there is another force within him that Dr. Fillery quickly names “N.H.” and seeks to develop. Dr. Devonham, on the other hand, is convinced that “N.H.” is the unhealthy side, that LeVallon is the true personality and must be encouraged to become the dominant one. But the young man is more than he seems, for he is not entirely human. And when “N.H.” does take control, no one is prepared for the results. Everyone is changed–by the bright messenger.


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