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Knaves edited by Melanie R. Meadors & Alana Joli Abbott

Trade Paperback – Outland – Dec 2018 – 276 pages

A medieval swindler gets caught with his proverbial pants down; a foolproof plan to pick up some cash via AI, until things take an unexpected and deadly turn; a legendary bodyguard is hired to protect precious cargo, but who will protect the cargo from him? The protagonists of this short story collection are not all anti-heroes telling their side of the story. They are also heroic people faced with hard decisions, forced to reckon with darker sides of themselves. They are villains surprised to find they have a noble side to themselves, and they are those trying to atone for past evils they have done. The 14 brand new stories deal with the complex idea of morality and will make readers wonder what side is the right side. Featuring original stories from Mercedes Lackey, Cullen Bunn, Lian Hearn, Anton Strout, and many more!


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