Lands of the Earthquake


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Lands of the Earthquake by Henry Kuttner/Under a Dim Blue Sun by Howie K. Bentley

Paperback – DMR Books – Jun 2017 – 226 pages

After a year-long bout of amnesia, William Boyce was haunted by fleeting memories of his missing year. His search for the woman he could not remember yet could never forget led him through a crystal portal to another dimension. He is taken to Kerak, the castle built by French Crusaders who have been trapped in this timeless world for six centuries. When the Crusaders’ leader, Guillaume du Bois, falls victim to the enchantments of Kerak’s enemies in the Sorcerers’ City, Boyce goes in his place to rescue his comrade, Godfrey.

Will Boyce survive in the Sorcerers’ City long enough to discover the secret of his lost year? And what roles do the Oracle of Kerak and the mad Huntsman play in this?

Lands of the Earthquake is one of Henry Kuttner’s greatest science-fantasy tales in the tradition of A. Merritt, along with The Dark World and The Mask of Circe. It was originally published in Startling Stories in 1947 and has never appeared in book form before.

Captain Erasmus O’Brien was assigned a task that could decide the fate of World War II: infiltrate German headquarters and steal the Nazis’ latest technological development – a flying saucer. O’Brien pulls it off, but loses control of the ship and ends up on a planet in another galaxy. He arrives just in time to rescue the slave girl Elekaina from the clutches of the hideous snake men, the Nag-Gaina. Armed with laser rifles procured from the ship, O’Brien plans to rid Thalparia of the serpent menace, only to run afoul of Queen S’ang Taura, who is secretly in league with the Nag-Gaina. He is sentenced to do battle in the arena with Thargg Tanuth, outlaw prince of the jaguar men.

Under a Dim Blue Sun is a tale that will surely excite the imaginations of all who love other sword-and-planet tales such as Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars, Robert E. Howard’s Almuric, and Leigh Brackett’s Sword of Rhiannon.

The two novellas are printed back-to-back and flipped, like the classic Ace Doubles.


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