Last Ones Left Alive


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Last Ones Left Alive by Sarah Davis-Goff

Hardcover – St. Martin’s Press – Aug 2019 – 280 pages

Raised in isolation by her mother and Maeve on a small island off the coast of a post-apocalyptic Ireland, Orpen’s life has revolved around training to fight a threat she’s never seen. More and more she feels the call of the mainland, and the prospect of finding other survivors.

But that is where danger lies, too, in the form of the flesh-eating menace known as the skrake.

Then disaster strikes. Alone, pushing an unconscious Maeve in a wheelbarrow, Orpen decides her last hope is abandoning the safety of the island and journeying across the country to reach the legendary banshees, the rumored all-female fighting force that battles the skrake.

But the skrake are not the only threat…

Sarah Davis-Goff’s Last Ones Left Alive is a brilliantly original imagining of a young woman’s journey to discover her true identity.


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