Little Shoppe of Horrors #49


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Little Shoppe of Horrors #49

Magazine – Elmer Valo Appreciation Society – Oct 2023 – 100 pages

1963 saw two different approaches to scaring movie audiences. There was The Haunting – filmed by Academy Award-winning director Robert Wise, and starring Julie Harris, Richard Johnson, Claire Bloom and Russ Tamblyn. Considered by many the most frightening ghost story ever made. ‘An evil old house, the kind some people call haunted, is like an undiscovered country waiting to be explored. Hill House has stood for 90 years and might stand for 90 more. Silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone.’ – ‘It ought to be burned down … and the ground sowed with salt…’

The Evil of Frankenstein was Hammer’s third in the series featuring Peter Cushing as Baron Frankenstein. Freddie Francis replaced Terence Fisher as director (Fisher was preparing to film The Gorgon right after ‘Evil’ wrapped, at Hammer’s Bray Studios) Being released by Universal, it also featured a traditional Universal creature design … not always a fan favorite … but the Kiwi Kingston look as the ‘monster’ is a seminal one for Hammer.


  • The Road to Hill House
  • Why Can’t They Leave Me Alone!?
  • Sandor Eles
  • Katy Wild (deaf girl)
  • Caron Gardner (Burgomaster’s wife)
  • Roy Ashton’s Creature


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