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Martin by Jez Winship

Hardcover – PS Press – Sep 2016 – 110 pages

MARTIN (1977) Directed by George A. Romero
In 1968, George A. Romero changed the face of Horror cinema with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. But it would be a decade before he caught lightning in a bottle again.Romero spent those 10 years honing his craft on a series of documentaries and low budget features that would culminate in the global phenomenon of DAWN OF THE DEAD in 1978. But MARTIN, made immediately beforehand, in 1977, is his unsung Masterpiece. Mature, controlled, and devastatingly effective, MARTIN is one of the most astonishing character studies ever committed to film. The tale of an alienated young man who may, or may not, be a vampire (a stunning performance by John Amplas); it is, by turns, disturbing, shocking, and heartbreaking.

This is the first of the Midnight Movie Monograph series from PS Press.


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