Men’s Adventure Quarterly #3


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Men’s Adventure Quarterly #3 edited by Robert Deis and Bill Cunningham

Magazine – Subtropic Productions – 2021 – 153 pages

In 1969, Don Pendleton’s first two novels about Mack Bolan, “The Executioner” launched one of the most influential action/adventure paperback series ever created. It established a new type of modern hero: battle-hardened Vietnam War veterans who had the skills and guts to impose bloody, “vigilante justice” on mobsters and other villains who evade the criminal justice system.

This special third issue of the MEN’S ADVENTURE QUARTERLY features exclusive reprints of “Book Bonus” versions of the first two Executioner novels, originally published in men’s adventure magazines (MAMs). They’re accompanied by an article written by Don’s wife, author Linda Pendleton, who provides insights into the evolution of the Executioner.

MAQ #3 also features: an introduction by the legendary comics writer and novelistChuck Dixon; three other classic vigilante justice stories from MAMs; a special art gallery section featuring original Executioner cover paintings by artist Gil Cohen, who created most of the classic Mack Bolan covers; a photo spread about pinup model Bettie Page;  plus a look at artist Jack Faragasso’s paintings of Bettie and reference photos.

It’s high-impact entertainment you won’t find anywhere else except the pages of the MEN’S ADVENTURE QUARTERLY!


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