Men’s Adventure Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 1


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Men’s Adventure Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 1: The Most Wanted Wild West Issue

Trade Paperback – Subtropic Productions – 2020 – 151 pages

The front cover art is by Robert Stanley and was originally used on the cover of STAG, November 1956. The back cover features artwork by Louis Sher, first used on the cover of SAVAGE ADVENTURES, March 1959.

Inside MAQ #1, you’ll find eleven hand-picked Western fiction yarns and non-fiction articles from vintage MAMs.

Each shows the cover of the issue the story comes from and the interior illustrations or photos used for it, plus an introduction with background info on the magazine, writer or artist.

Included are authorized reprints of Western stories by Lou Cameron, the prolific writer who essentially launched the “adult Western” paperback genre with his LONGARM and STRINGER series, and Donald Honig, one of the last surviving writers who was a regular writer for the great MAMs published by Martin Goodman’s Magazine company (ACTION FOR MEN, FOR MEN ONLY, MALE, MEN, STAG, etc.).

Other great authors whose stories appear in the first MAQ issue include Dean Ballenger, Jack Pearl, Jules Archer and Richard Gehman.


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