Mother’s Boys


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Mother’s Boys by Bernard Taylor

Paperback – Valancourt Books – 2022 – 199 pages

When Robert and Judith Farrell divorced, the court awarded custody of the four children to their father instead of their flighty, self-centered mother. But the three boys, Kester, Michael, and Ben, have remained close to their mother – perhaps sometimes too close – and have never given up hope of their parents’ reconciliation. Until their fantasy is shattered by their father’s engagement to his new girlfriend Netta. When Robert leaves town and Netta stays behind with the children, the boys decide to play a little game with her. A game that soon gets horribly, unspeakably out of hand . . .

From the author of horror classics like The Godsend, Sweetheart, Sweetheart, and The Reaping comes this nerve-wrackingly suspenseful page-turner of filial love gone terribly awry. First published in 1988 and filmed in 1993 starring scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, Bernard Taylor’s classic thriller returns to print at last to unsettle a new generation of readers.


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