My Touch Brings Death


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My Touch Brings Death and Other Stories by Russell Gray

Trade Paperback – Ramble House – 2014 – 283 pages

A true master of the macabre, Bruno Fischer, using the pseudonyms of Russell Gray and Harrison Storm, was one of the most significant authors of the second wave of weird menace fiction. Known for his brutality and breakneck pacing, the action never flags and the terror constantly grows in these masterpieces of the macabre, authored by a writer at the height of his powers. Definitely not for the squeamish!

She-Devil of the Sea, Terror Tales July/August 1938
A Corpse Wields the Lash, Terror Tales Sept/Oct 1937
White Flesh Must Rot, Sinister Stories February 1940
My Touch Brings Death, Horror Stories Dec/Jan 1938/1939
I Said Yes to Satan, Real Mystery July 1940
The Singing Corpses, Terror Tales Sept/Oct 1938
The House that Horror Built, Terror Tales Sept/Oct 1937
Darlings of the Black Master, Terror Tales Nov/Dec 1937
The Devil is our Landlord, Terror Tales Jan/Feb 1938
Valley of the Red Death, Terror Tales Jan/Feb 1938


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