Mysterious Messages Notecards


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Mysterious Messages Notecards by Edward Gorey

20 assorted blank cards in box – Pomegranate

Creator of more than one hundred works—from a wealth of droll, darkly hilarious books to the animated opening sequence of the PBS television series Mystery!—the award-winning author and artist Edward Gorey (American, 1925–2000) once averred that he thought it best if we all felt “uneasy most of the time . . . because that’s what the world is like.” What better way to promote this end than to send an occasional anonymous note or curious card? Women will wonder; boys will be baffled. The enigmatic images on the twenty notecards contained herein will establish a suitable mood for your sphinxlike scribbles and cryptic communiqués.

Contains five each of the following notecards:
Detail from an untitled drawing
Illustration for Mystery!
Illustration for Mystery!
Untitled drawing


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