Neither Man Nor Dog


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Neither Man Nor Dog by Gerald Kersh

Tradepaperback – Valancourt Books – Dec2015 – 208 pages

This collection of 37 stories by a master of the form features tales that are sometimes funny, sometimes violent, and sometimes weird and nightmarish: in short, it is quintessential Gerald Kersh. Kersh (1911-1968) published more than thirty books, including the noir classic Night and the City (1938) and Fowlers End (1957), which Anthony Burgess called “one of the great comic novels of the century,” as well as hundreds of short stories which were once ubiquitous in British and American magazines. But though he has been championed by Angela Carter, Harlan Ellison, Ian Fleming, Michael Moorcock and others, Kersh has undeservedly fallen into neglect since his death. This is the first-ever reprint of Neither Man Nor Dog (1946), one of the author’s scarcest volumes.

Includes: Neither Man Nor Dog / Uncle Kuzma / In a Room Without Walls / The Last Battle / An Undistinguished Boy / Hero-Worship / Wolf! Wolf! / Reflections in a Tablespoon / A Bang on the Head for Dutoit / Macagony’s First / Grey Old She-Wolf / The Frenchman who Understood Women / The Gentleman all in Black / Strong Greek Wine / The Old Burying Place… / A Small and Dirty Dog / Doctor Ox Will Die at Midnight / The Earwig / Who Wants a Liver-coloured Car? / The House of Relish / Dustin – the Broken Man / Let Lying Dogs Sleep / Red Gentleman of Staffordshire / Reflection in a Brown Eye / Maria’s Christ / Destiny and the Bullet / The Conqueror Worm / The Woman and the Fire / The Fortunes of the Pryskys / The Sailor’s Farewell to his Horse / Envy / Tread Lightly / The Naked Man / Gomez / The Ruined Wall / The Dungeon


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