New Supernatural Stories



New Supernatural Stories by Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe

Trade Paperback – Drugstore Indian Press – May 2022 – 377 pages

Fear, Stark gripping, unreasonable fear is one of the primitive, basic human emotions. Fear. It distorts the mind, destroys the soul, paralyses the body. Fear? What makes men afraid? Darkness . . . death . . . hideous monstosites . . .weird supernatural beings . . . what makes you afraid? Why are we drawn towards the things that terrify us? Horror pulls humanity like a magnet.

Involved in the ghost story we cannot put down, we wish the lights were brighter. We long for morning. Was that a footstep? Is that a face peering over your shoulder? What did you see then out of the corner of your eye disappearing just beyond the edge of reality?

If you enjoy weird fantasy you must read New Supernatural Stories containing fifteen nerve-chilling original stories by leading supernatural authors Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe.


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