Night of the Living Dead ’90


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Night of the Living Dead ’90 by Tom Savini

Trade Paperback – Happy Cloud Media – Oct 2019 – 142 pages

In 1990, the eagerly-awaited remake of the seminal horror film, Night of the Living Dead, was released to theaters. Produced by the original team, the new film had a director in special effects maestro Tom Savini. His vision for the film was a gutsy, visual feast that would, he promised, “make death scary again.”

Disappointingly, for one reason or another, many of Savini’s most outrageous sequences were left unfilmed and unrealized. Now, for the first time, fans of the film can see for themselves the director’s unique vision for Night of the Living Dead 1990.

This book reprints the original storyboard for the film (as realized by artist Brad Hunter), along with commentary from the cast and behind-the-scenes photos.


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