Octavia E. Butler: The Last Interview


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Octavia E. Butler: The Last Interview and Other Conversations by Octavia E. Butler et al.

Trade Paperback – Melville House – Sep 2023 – 172 pages

“I write about people who do extraordinary things. It just turned out that it was called science fiction.” – Octavia E. Butler

Octavia E. Butler’s work broke innumerable barriers and helped open the field of science fiction to writers and readers it had never had before. As the first Black writer to win the coveted Nebula and Hugo Awards, her courage and vision left a peerless legacy for fans not just of science fiction, but of American literature. In this collection of 10 interviews, 3 of them never published, Butler speaks with candor and openness about her work, her imaginative mission, and the barriers she faced as a Black woman working in a genre dominated by white men. The book features an original introduction by science fiction legend Samuel R. Delany, in which he discusses his personal relation with Butler, providing unparalleled insight into her work and life.


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