Of One Blood


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Of One Blood – or – The Hidden Self by Pauline Hopkins

Trade Paperback – Poisoned Pen – Oct 2021 – 191 pages

When medical student Reuel Briggs reluctantly attends a performance by the beautiful singer Dianthe Lusk, he can’t help but fall for her. The very next day, their paths cross again when Dianthe’s train crashes. To bring her back from the brink of death, Reuel draws on an eerie power he can’t quite name. Soon, the two are engaged, and Reuel sets off on an archeological expedition to Africa to offset his debts before the wedding. But, in Ethiopia, unexpected danger and terror force him to confront the truth about his lineage, his power, and the disturbing history that lives in his very blood.

First serialized in Colored American Magazine in 1902, this classic fiction exemplifies Pauline Hopkins’s incisive writing and interrogates issues of race, blood, and history that remain urgent today.


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