Osamu Tezuka



The Osamu Tezuka Story: A Life in Manga and Anime by Toshio Ban and Tezuka Productions and translated by Frederik L. Schodt

Paperback – Stone Bridge Press – Jul 2016 – 928 pages

This monumental graphic-format biography is the story of Osamu Tezuka, one of the 20th century’s great creative artists. Tezuka was a genius whose legendary, tireless enthusiasm for drawing and storytelling continues to shape visual culture throughout the world. The Osamu Tezuka Story is also an anecdotal account of Japan’s early manga and anime business and its heroes, all of whom were influenced by Tezuka’s artistic and commercial breakthroughs in the postwar years.

This popular culture history is being made available in English for the first time. Created as an homage after Tezuka’s dath in 1989, it is filled with stunning visual details, celebrity cameos, and biographical sketches that are sure to fascinate and felight fans and anyone interested in manga, anime, and the potential of the grahic storytelling medium.

Also included is an authoritative listing of Tezuka’s output of manga, animation, and written works from 1946 through 1989.


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