Palookaville 24



Palookaville 24 by Seth

Hardcover – Drawn & Quarterly – Jul 2023 – Unpaged, includes CD-ROM

Palookaville 24marks the long-awaited return of Seth’s beloved series, which offers readers an invitation into the world and varied artistic practice of the iconic cartoonist.

Beginning with Seth’s serialized adolescent autobiography, Nothing Lasts, we enter the fleeting summers of his late teen years, specifically focusing on his summer jobs—a stint as a gofer at the Ministry of Natural Resources and his experiences as a bellboy, dishwasher, and cook at a local inn. A memoir ruminating on memory and place and the people who pass through his life, this chapter of Nothing Lasts closes with a seminal event in Seth’s young life.

An intriguing visual feast, The Apology of Albert Batch is the culmination of ten years of collaboration between the director Luc Chamberlane and Seth—a short film documenting Seth’s venture into puppetry. An extensive photo essay detailing the making of the film accompanies a DVD.

And lastly, Seth presents, warts and all, an exercise from his sketchbook. A simple activity: Select five names from a list and produce five stories to go with them. Drawn loosely with poster paint and ink, the work is spontaneous, showing a different side of the master artist. Palookaville 24 showcases Seth’s artwork alongside his continually evolving artistic practice with unique elegance.


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