Paul Naschy: Memoirs of a Wolfman


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Paul Naschy: Memoirs of a Wolfman by Paul Naschy, translation by Mike Hodges

Trade Paperback – Midnight Marquee – 1999 – 256 pages

There has never been a filmmaker like Paul Naschy. Naschy’s involvement in cinema spans 40 years and counting, with work as an actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He has molded his own vision under these assignments and provided an unheard of spectrum of clues to his personality, passions and ethos. If we just speak of the horror genre, Paul Naschy is a distinctive talent. Perhaps one shouldn’t step on the carefully protected toes of the familiar horror “kings” of the past and present, but Naschy is their equal, and in terms of involvement in the genre–as a screenwriter, director and producer–he outdistances every one of them. This is not a man who simply sits by the phone waiting for an agent to call. This autobiography is Naschy’s manifesto of will and dedication. It is also a great read, filled with engaging anecdotes, earthy asides, written with ease and intelligence, brimming with soul and a heart sometimes suffering, all the time passionate.


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