Radical Act of Free Magic


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A Radical Act of Free Magic by H. G. Parry

Paperback – Redhook – Jul 2021 – 512 pages

The Concord has been broken, and a war of magic engulfs the world.

In France, the brilliant tactician Napoleon Bonaparte has risen to power, and under his command, the army of the dead have all but conquered Europe. Britain fights back, but the Wilberforce’s own battle to bring about free magic and abolition has met a dead end in the face of an increasingly repressive government. In Saint-Domingue, Fina aids Toussaint Louverture as he navigates these opposing forces to liverate the country.

But there is a darker war being fought beneath the surface. An enemy blood magician is using the French Revolutionary Wars to bring about a return to dark magic. Across the world, only a few know of his existence, and the choices they make will shape the new age of magic.


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