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Re-Animator by Jeff Rovin

Paperback – Encyclopocalypse – November 2023 – 198 pages

Re-animation, the science of bringing dead creatures back to life, is Herbert West’s dream. West tests his secret life-rejuvenating potion on some cooperative corpses at a local morgue.

It’s a success! But only a temporary one – as the dead spring to life, reacting violently to their re-animation. Zombies are loose and now West cannot control the very beasts he has re-created. The born-again dead are unstoppable, even severed body parts take on life like so many split worms!

Herbert West has a serious problem – will he become the first in a new breed of headhunters or are all of his woes coming to a head? 

Based on the screenplay by Dennis Paoli, William J. Norris and Stuart Gordon.



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