Replay: Memoir of an Uprooted Family


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Replay: Memoir of an Uprooted Family by Jordan Mechner

Hardcover – First Second – March 2024 – 320 pages

In this intergenerational graphic memoir, Jordan Mechner traces his family’s journey through war, Nazi occupation, and everyday marital strife.

1914. A teenage romantic heads to the enlistment office when his idyllic life in a Jewish enclave of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is shattered by World War I. 1938. A seven-year-old refugee begins a desperate odyssey through France, struggling to outrun the rapidly expanding Nazi regime and reunite with his family on the other side of the Atlantic. 2015. The creator of a world-famous video game franchise weighs the costs of uprooting his family and moving to France as the cracks in his marriage begin to grow.


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